needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. You’re also able to start with them, without dozens of clients ready to go. You just have to handle delivering a report to your clients and let ClicksGeek handle the heavy lifting.

Best white-label payment service providers

Many marketing agencies have turned to offering as much of a one-stop shop as possible, the result of which is a disaster as it relates to quality of services delivered. ClearBank is notably the UK’s first new clearing bank in 250 years, and aims to transform the clearing bank experience and create a new level of open competition and transparency in the UK market. Its technology stack transforms the ability for financial institutions to provide current accounts to their customers, resulting in faster, more efficient payments, and financial inclusion. WorldPay founder Nick Ogden unveiled UK-based ClearBank in 2017 after three years of secretly working on the project. The “bank for banks” provides no services to consumers — instead enabling financial service providers, FCA-regulated businesses, and fintechs to build their own solutions and services.

Best White Label Payment Gateway Solutions in 2023

Just pick the most suitable and reputable partner and get the wanted services. So even though you’re technically in control, you may have few options in terms of how the checkout experience looks and functions. If your business depends on customers selling your product on your behalf, a white label payment gateway can enable you to set up each customer with their own store. The trend towards white label payment gateways is being driven by the increasing need for convenience and flexibility when it comes to payment processing. Finally, invoice generators such as Invoice Ninja or FreshBooks are perfect for businesses that send invoices regularly and need a reliable way to process one-time or recurring payments from customers.

It also lists add-on prices for other features, like Stripe Sigma. Pricing is quote-based for its custom Connect plan, but aside from that, Stripe pricing is clearly laid out. Stripe has risen to the top as one of the most commonly-used payment service providers — you’ve probably used them at some point to make a payment online or through an app.

What Are White Label Services?

However, their services are one of the top-grade in the market. If your business falls in their category, you can obtain ample benefits for your business. Be sure to check the requirements that they need from your company. In other words, check the accepted chargeback ratio for your business. Gatewayeast White Label Solutions is a state-of-the-art solution for your business. In other words, they are providing a customizable architecture for your business to incorporate your needs.

Best white-label payment service providers

Keeping your software development costs low is crucial as well. BuildFire Developers Limitless functionality for your app with our SDK. Feature Marketplace See all the features you can add in just one click. Customer Apps Powering thousands of apps on the BuildFire Platform. Mobile Apps For Events Create mobile experiences your attendees will love. App Launch Kit Proceed with confidence with a resilient app strategy.

What Businesses Benefit From a White Label Payment Gateway?

Alleviate the risks by flagging suspicious transactions, defining risk profiles per merchant, and connecting to third-party services via API. Security – At the minimum, data security must be level 1 compliant with PCI DSS and offer tokenization. Fraud protection tools are also standard to ensure safe transactions with new parties. How soon can you receive your payments, and how much does you gateway charge? These are some of the questions you might need to finalize with your provider before signing the dotted line. Most vendors will be more than happy to provide you with information upfront, but you may need to do some comparison shopping.

Best white-label payment service providers

The throughput capacity of the white label payment gateway is 200 transactions per second. Application operational speed is multiplied by the number of working modules. New modules are added to the working payment system on the go. No need to shut down and reboot.The white label payment gateway ensures that you and your clients are protected from chargebacks.

Guide to the Best White Label Software and Service Programs

However, if you want a resourceful app that is similar to an on-premise program, you need to invest in a SaaS product that can be accessed by only a few users at a time. The payment gateway is the communication link between a customer’s and merchant’s account. Some payment gateway systems only deal with certain merchant account types, so make sure you know this information prior to deciding which merchant account to adopt.

WordPress development services can be whitelabled as well as many plugins, themes and wordpress hosting. But it might be quite competitive and so many free options / plugins, and easy for the client to find out it is wordpress. WordPress is one of the biggest content management systems on the planet. Apart from being free and open-source, WordPress is a jumpboard for white label website development. They are flexible and can work according to your agency’s white label requirements.

Create your own eCommerce global payment gateway with Crassula. A white label payment gateway is a solution that allows you to extend payment processing services to your customers under your own name. You can accept and process credit card payments in various currencies. But a white label gateway takes things one step further by allowing you to offer these same services to your own customers.

Whether you’re looking to get real-time-ready, meet expansion goals or improve fraud detection, we’re here to help. It’s possible to adjust the payment page with the wanted content. While the technology is not very complex, it takes more time to set everything up. You can customize the product with your own branding or your client’s branding. In this model, your vendor pays you a commission for every client you sign up for the service. Here are a few questions to be answered before closing off this article.


Many types of software can integrate with white label payment gateways in order to easily process payments and manage orders. Many white label payment gateways make it possible for you to offer credit cards to your customers, complete with your company logo. If you’ve ever been asked to sign up for a credit card at your favourite department store, you’ve seen this process first-hand. Your customers can use the card wherever they shop , and you earn money with each swipe. Similarly, digital content delivery systems like SendOwl or FetchApp make it easy for merchants to sell digital downloads and also integrate with white label payment gateways.

Best white-label payment service providers

As more and more customers are preferring online payment gateway for everyday expenses, customer experience is slowly shifting towards making the processing invisible. This means that transactions are blended with the checkout, and users don’t have to repeatedly enter their payment information. Examples of seamless, invisible payments include e-wallets, in-app credits/rewards, or device authorizations. Some payment gateway tools offer multi-currency and international payments, as well as an interface supporting multiple languages. You need to check where there are added fees for international and multi-currency payments and whether you need to set up a merchant account in a particular country. The best online payment processor should make this information easily accessible.

Boost your business with IXOPAY’s white label solution

Getting started is free and only requires a simple application process, plus a generous 6 free months offer to help you, onboard new clients, on their platform. The company says its drag-and-drop website builder is easy to use, which makes it possible for both agencies without a lot of experience in web design and inexperienced clients to design websites. A better option could be to use a white label video production company to create the videos for you. This will allow you to sell the service to the client as if it was your own.

The right payment gateway partner is one of the keys to the company or brand’s success and growth. Plenty of business owners are allured by the idea of integrating payments into their software or apps. It’s a possibility to handle online payments safely for both parties and expanding the client base on national or international levels. white label payment gateway White-label products are produced by one company and rebranded by another. In the case of payment gateways, it means that you can rebrand the checkout process so your customer doesn’t see the name of the payment software you used. White label SaaS software and white label marketing services are a way into new market growth.

How to choose a white label alternative payments partner

Potentially lower rates than flat-rate fee competitors, depending on card network interchange fees. Interchange plus 12 cents per transaction for Visa and Mastercard. Paid plans required for advanced POS features with card readers. All materials on are for informational purposes only. PaySpace Magazine cannot accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by reliance on any material contained in this site. Its direct operator billing solution is available across 80 countries and can be used for both subscriptions and one-time purchases.

We have put together an overview of the best white label business opportunities in SaaS tools and services to rebrand and resell. Kajo is providing a customizable payment gateway solution for your business. It is one of the renowned names in the FinTech work serving the High-Risk Industry. They have state-of-the-art payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants. Their International Payment Services are pretty worthy of praise. If you plan to take a global reach for your Payment Gateway Business, this is for your business.

Agencies That Want to Provide More Services to Customers

The end result is that they just don’t see a return and get burned by the idea of social media as a marketing channel. Banking-as-a-Service is a key component to open banking, in which banks open up their systems and allow third parties to access their data to enhance their own services. Purchasing hardware security modules, tokenisation appliance, or both to enable secure card transactions and encrypted cardholders’ data storage and transfer.

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